Recipe Organiser & Meal Planner

Crouton makes keeping track of all of your recipes and make meal planning as easy as possible



Simplicity is at the heart of Crouton, but that doesn't stop it being as feature packed as ever!

Weekly Meal Planner

Assign saved recipes to each day of the week so you're never caught unprepared

Recipe Organiser

Store recipes in whatever format suits you. Whether that's a website, photo or just a title

Recipe Scanning

Scan ingredients and steps straight out of your recipe book

Import Recipes from Websites

Automatically import recipe ingredients and steps from copied URLs. Save recipes as fast as you can find them

Recipe Scaling

Scale a recipe's ingredients makes cooking for a larger (or smaller) group very easy!

iCloud Sync

Backup your recipes in with iCloud and ensure your recipes are across all of your devices

Dark Mode

Crouton fully supports iOS 13 Dark Mode. Cook in the dark. What could possibly go wrong?


Customise the app colour and icon to suit your fancy and personalise your experience

Auto-generate meal plans

Use your stored recipes to automatically generate meal plans, take the hassle out of meal planning